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Healthcare Pricing Accessibility & Regulatory Compliance

Alight faced new regulatory challenges due to the No Surprises Act, which required institutions to provide pricing transparency to customers. To tackle these challenges, Alight partnered with Zeal, entrusting them with the development and marketing of software tools for making pricing data accessible and creating a user-friendly platform for plan-specific healthcare data.

Zeal played a crucial role in designing, creating, and testing the Clarity platform—a web-based portal offering members easy access to healthcare data, including negotiated pricing and availability for procedures. They complemented the platform with the Clarity Tools Site for streamlined administration and developed an efficient, scalable ETL solution for seamless data integration, capable of handling terabyte-scale datasets monthly.

Zeal's implementation helped Alight avoid millions of dollars in fines while providing valuable pricing transparency for customers.

“We have partnered with many consultancies, and hands down, Zeal is the best. Not only does the team produce high-quality output on time, but their professionalism, work ethic, and willingness to attack any project make them valuable assets to the Healthcare Navigation tech team. Thanks for all of your hard work!”

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor

VP Engineering

Taking Flight: Bringing Cybersecurity Platforms & Data Analytics to New Heights

Zeal experts provided agile product management expertise to dozens of cybersecurity software engineers and cloud engineers. This allowed Zeal to implement Southwest Airline's proprietary infrastructure as code technology that is used to support applications across aircraft operations, crew scheduling, and cargo. In addition, Zeal contributed to the cloud technology and product management of Southwest Airline's data modernization initiatives that crossed revenue management, aircraft operations, crew, and accounting domains.


in acceleration to market.

$11 Million

in estimated savings.

“Zeal has been a phenomenal addition to our team from day one. Zealers live to serve, and help elevate those around them. Combining deep technical knowledge with vast Cybersecurity industry experience...”

John Paul Harold

John Paul Harold

Senior Engineering Manager

Data Analytics Redefined: Zeal Elevates McKesson’s Supply Chain

Zeal partnered with McKesson to modernize their pharmaceutical supply chain and data analytics platform. In addition to innovation sessions, Zeal experts leveraged microservices, serverless, and cloud native technologies. As a result, Zeal evolved their existing legacy platform into a leading edge pharmaceutical supply chain system. Further, by leveraging modern agile product management strategies, Zeal accelerated the development of McKesson's enterprise reporting systems used to support their enterprise sales organization.


In savings from agile transformation


In supported revenue from 200,000 retail pharmacies

“I brought Zeal in to help us turnaround a high visibility, data analytics project that had not gone well for years. In just a few short weeks they diagnosed the core challenges and put the right structure in place and got the program going in the right direction. I highly recommend Zeal for any technology development project that is struggling where results and people matter equally.”

Rachal Crochet

Rachal Crochet

Senior Director

Modernizing Legacy: Hybrid Cloud Migration, Cost-Effective & Resilient

Zeal migrated seven enterprise wide systems responsible for eligibility checks for millions of people annually. Our teams were responsible for the strategy, architecture, and full implementation of the cross disciplinary initiative that required custom software development and pipeline improvements for cloud migration; infrastructure as code technologies for containerization; cyber remediation for security vulnerabilities; production stabilization for legacy systems; disaster recovery solutions; and quality assurance testing for production readiness. By partnering with the business and IT organizations in this endeavor, we introduced an iterative process that enables IT to adapt to changing business needs and places new features in users’ hands more rapidly than ever before.


Client ingress applications to AWS cloud in a hybrid model


Reduction of build times due to re-architecture

“Zeal joined our team during a very difficult period. As experts, they jumped into a chaotic situation to help stabilize us where we needed support very quickly. They've made our systems more reliable and we thank them for their recommendations, their hard work, and their collaboration.”

Neelima Annam

Neelima Annam

VP Engineering