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Our Previous Bytes

Agile methodology

Round One

C-suite and executive business leaders came together for bytes and conversation with Nigel Thurlow, former Chief of Agile at Toyota and author of The Flow System: The Evolution of Agile and Lean Thinking.  Nigel shared that the Agile methodology is not the silver bullet panacea cure to all ills a company faces. The keys to unlock the benefits of agile methodology lies in applying it correctly through first understanding the company's business domain, culture, and proprietary porcess.

Generative AI

Round Two

C-suite and executive business leaders convened for bytes and to listen to a keynote delivered by Tom Edwards, Managing Director of Artificial Intelligence a Ernst & Young. Following was an insightful and exciting panel discussion with AI, data, and innovation CEOs, CIOs, and vice presidents that ranged from privacy concerns, jobs creation/destruction, deep fakes/fraudulent activities, AI hype cycle, and the concentration of power in large AI companies.

Meet Our Panelists

Hillari Shearin | VP of Innovation

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Jose Galindo| Chief Innovation Officer

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Skip Howard | Founder of Spacee

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Geoffrey Peterson | VP of Data Analytics

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