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We build your idea from the ground up.



Our team will work with you to outline what
features are critical for your final app.

Free Consultation

Before making any commitments, we will talk through your idea so that our team can determine schedule and final pricing.

Scope of Work

Our team will generate and deliver a clearly defined scope of work that outlines your project as both parties understand it.

DFW Based

All of our team members are local to the Dallas/Forth Worth area. This makes it easy for us to collaborate and even meet physically if you are local.

Step 1


Our experienced designers will expertly craft
the look and feel of your app.


Before any code is written, our team will generate wireframes to walk you through the user flow and give you a good idea of the app’s look and feel.

Design Scheme

Our team adheres to design principles set forth by the Material Design scheme. Your app will have best practices built in from the start.

Custom Branding

No brand yet? No problem! As an add-on, we will establish a stunning brand identity for your company.

Step 2


Our seasoned developers will get to work
and make your app a reality.


Whatever platform you need, we have it covered. iOS, Android, Web? No problem. Our developers specialize in Flutter and can handle it all.


Our expertise with Google Firebase allows us to create applications that grow with you. Don’t worry about bringing on a ton of new users. To infinity, and beyond!

Frequent Demos

Our team adheres to the Agile methodology to deliver value fast. As we make progress developing, we will provide demos to make sure everything is on track.

Step 3


Once your app is ready to ship, we can steer
for you or hand you the wheel.

Deployment Galore

App Store, Google Play, web? We do it all! Your app will make it to your users any way it needs to.

Pitfall Aversion

Deploying an app can be tricky. Our team has been around the block and can ensure that your app makes it onto the app store of your choice.

Handoff / Take Over

Once your app is ready, we can maintain it and continue with feature enhancements. Or, we can wrap it up with a bow and hand it over. No matter what though, the source code is always yours.

Step 4

Delivered for $15,000

Up to $400,000, 6 to 18-month anticipated term

Emergency Loans
Emergency Loans
Emergency Loans
Emergency Loans
Emergency Loans

Additional Upkeep

Up to $400,000, 6 to 18-month anticipated term

Emergency Loans
Emergency Loans
Emergency Loans
Emergency Loans
Emergency Loans


Up to $400,000, 6 to 18-month anticipated term

Emergency Loans
Emergency Loans
Emergency Loans
Emergency Loans
Emergency Loans

Full Stack
App Dev

Design and developing apps is hard.
Zeal is here to make it easy!

Defined scope of work
UI/UX mockups
Development for single platform
360 total development hours
Deployment to store of your choice
Source Code


Outsource the maintenance of your app to our team and remain worry free!

Provide required security updates
Manage app store changes / updates
Handle customer questions
Minor bug-fixes
Ensure overall app performance / health
6 development hours/mo


Want to put wind in your sails?
Check out some of our add-ons!

Additional development hours
Custom Branding
App store optimization
Custom content creation (photo/video/etc.)
App explainer video
Development on additional platforms

Ready for your ideas to set sail?

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Virtual Investigator

Virtual Investigator uses the latest in natural language processing to quickly and accurately transcribe everything that is being said. It automatically records audio, video, biometric feedback, personal notes, case file, and more. Their team will help integrate Virtual Investigator within your organizational infrastructure, or help you build out safe and secure cloud infrastructure that only you can access. Virtual Investigator uses advanced facial recognition software to detect deception, nervousness, or hostility. Their preset templates and note taking tools allow quick and easy organization and capture of your thoughts to review later or share with others.


Vendorzs is the only app to offer an easy, convenient, and hassle-free way for event creators to create and manage events and for vendors to join and pay for space in those events. Worried about scammers? Vendorzs reviews all their event creators so you know they're legit! Whether you’re a vintage clothing vendor or vegan foodie, Vendorzs supports small businesses so they never miss out on an opportunity to do what they love!


HOOT! Is a fun and interactive reading app that kids, parents, and educators love because it contains high quality, engaging stories about children of many races, religions, national origins, family structures, and levels of ability. When they read HOOT! Ebooks, kids will see themselves and their classmates, neighbors, and friends depicted in the characters, their adventures, struggles, and triumphs.

LLS Hero Squad

A science-based, service learning program for students ranging from Kindergarten through High School. Since 1993 students and educators throughout the country have raised more than $368 million in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) goal to cure blood cancer and improve the lives of patients and their families. Elementary and middle schools also receive the LLS STEM curriculum to incorporate into their lesson plans throughout the school year.

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